Guide to Islam – A Beginner’s Guide (Publication)

When becoming Muslim, I initially found it difficult to learn from texts written by Muslims who mostly are either unfamiliar or unconcerned with my culture, wrote in poor English, in a format that was difficult to understand or cluttered the pages with tons of extra information.

The information contained in this booklet is a brief collection of information, some of which, I have written over the years that is designed to be easy to read and accurate.  I began this work to help new Muslims, or those rediscovering their Islam, get an easier start in the practice and understanding of their new found faith.  The material in this book is a great source of information for beginners to build upon and for those studying the basics of Islam.

I sincerely hope that you will be enlightened by the information presented here.  Perhaps this information will shed some light on the questions you have regarding the basics of Islam.

ePub and Paperback

Click here to download:  Guide to Islam – A Beginner’s Guide


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